E-Commerce Survival Guide: Cyber Monday

E-Commerce Survival Guide: Cyber Monday

With the impact of Covid-19 more businesses have shifted to online retail – and as a result, Black Friday is predicted to become less popular than its online version: Cyber Monday. 

So what is Cyber Monday exactly? 

Cyber Monday is an event that takes place on the first Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States (November 30th.) During this full day event (and sometimes the entire weekend prior,) online shoppers have the opportunity to shop for amazing sales online. Think of it as a Black Friday event but instead of fighting through crowds of people for that TV you’ve always wanted, you can simply add it to cart online! 

How can you prepare for this retail event?

We have developed this guide to help e-commerce retailers take full advantage of this sales event. Our guide takes into account a variety of potential problems an e-commerce store may encounter during this time as well as suggestions on how to not only survive this event – but come out on top of it too! 

  • Handling the demand: As a drop shipper, or as your own manufacturer; it is important that you prepare for higher order volumes during this time. As a drop shipper, we recommend that you check with your chosen manufacturers to ensure that they are able to supply the product quantities that you need during this time. Check the stock for your most popular items and email your supplies to ensure that those products will be available to your customers for when the day comes. As a manufacturer, you will need to put in the extra work required to manufacture a surplus of goods in preparation for this event to avoid under-stocking for Cyber Monday.
  • Optimizing the shopping experience: Products are important, but so is your point of sale: the website. You must ensure that your store is optimized for computers as well as mobile devices. Things to consider when optimizing your customer’s shopping experience also include: website load speed, functionality, and personalization. Customers are found to be more likely to buy from a store that is not only optimized for quick sales, but also offers personalized product recommendations.

We recommend you check out apps found on our ScopeMedia website for all your personalization and customer experience enhancing needs. ScopeMedia apps place user experience at the forefront – and that is why they are fast, easy to use, and will not slow down your store. With ScopeMedia, you will be able to offer an amazing personalized experience for your customers!

  • Generating interest: Cyber Monday is known as a marketing and sales event – so naturally we must discuss the marketing aspect of it. We recommend e-commerce stores start preparing and releasing campaigns targeted for this event a month in advance. Things to consider include: email marketing, social media strategies, website visuals, as well as paid promotions. Offer your customers a sneak peak into what the future sales might hold to generate buzz around your upcoming promotions. Doing this will also increase traffic and interest around your products as more customers plan their shopping lists.
  • Paid advertising: Investing into paid search advertising is a great idea! During this sales event, a lot of customers have been found searching for products using keywords. Make sure to research keywords before investing into such advertising and we recommend launching this closer to the date. Another great option is paid social media advertising. Social media platforms offer a great way for marketers to target their desired demographics. Launching a social media campaign to help in generating buzz around the event prior to its beginning is also a great strategy to consider.
  • Free marketing ideas: It is important to not overlook the free marketing ideas when developing strategies for Cyber Monday. Consider marketing via other channels such as Reddit, Facebook Groups, Discord Channels, Forums, LinkedIn Groups and more. Consider where your desired demographics like to spend their time and be sure to offer something of value to them. It is bad form to spam forums with sales messages, but if you approach those groups with the mindset of adding value to the customers – you are bound to find success.

At ScopeMedia, we take pride in being able to help e-commerce businesses find success and we hope that this guide will help you do just that. 

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