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When we think about shopping, we want it to resonate with words like: fun, trendy, personalized – and with ScopeStyle we can bring those words to life! ScopeStyle is a beautiful merge between the world of AI technology with the trending world of fashion. When a customer clicks onto the ScopeStyle website they will be greeted with trending fashions that are updated daily. The styles are chosen based on the most trending fashions across social media, top designers in the industry, as well as influencers. Another feature that users will be met with is the ability to upload their own photo to receive a style score as well as personalized recommendations to either complete their look or to find similar items. 

Trending Fashions:

Our store provides customers as well as designers with a look into trending fashions that are updated daily. This is the fastest turnover on the market and will give anyone looking to embrace the trends an advantage of being one of the first to try them. This is beneficial to designers as well as the lovely customers looking to wear the trend pieces. As a designer, it is important to stay current and inspired by the latest in fashion. Traditionally, designers had to have various subscriptions to multiple magazines, but through ScopeStyle, designers will have access to the fastest information in fashion – all in one place.

Style Score:

Ever wondered what designers might rate your outfit if you walked into a room? Now you can. With our AI powered style score generator that analyzes your outfit for key trend pieces you will be able to get an accurate rating for your outfit, as well as a style category that most closely represents your look. This is not only a helpful feature, but also a fun one. Play around, try different styles and see how you score!

Personalized Collections:

In addition to all the previously mentioned features, ScopeStyle also offers personalized collections based on your style choices as well as your uploaded pictures. Have a dress you like but cannot find where it is from? Upload a picture and we will find the dress or a similar piece to it. The recommendations also take into account the different elements of your outfits and how to best complete your looks. If you need to find the perfect pair of shoes to fit your outfits, ScopeStyle can help you with that. 

Interested in taking your fashion sense to the next level or are you a designer looking to stay current in trends and sell to a wider audience? Then ScopeStyle is the place for you. Take a look through the website and do not hesitate to reach out to us by email or across our social media pages – We love feedback!

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