Touchpoints to improve the Core UX of Shopify.

When looking for options for how to optimize your Shopify store AI and automation come to mind, why not take something off your plate. The Simile Suite is a comprehensive AI engine for e-commerce that is proven to increase website activity. Improving the core UX of your shopify store is a great way to build buyer trust and lead to increased conversions. 

Make it Dynamic!

One key method of improving your stores UX is making it dynamic in how it responds to customer inputs. Thanks to major breakthroughs in neural network technology retailers can now access and deep learning AI technology capable of transforming how customers interact with their stores, without the need to invest heavily in new technology. 

The Simile AI platform has automated solutions for the following touchpoints:

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • ‘You Might Also Like’
  • ‘Frequently Bought Together’
  • Dynamic Homepage Personalization
  • Personalized Popup Offers
  • Dynamic 404 Shopping Personalization
  • In-cart Bundle Offers
  • In-cart ‘You Might Also Like Suggestions
  • Others also viewed Suggestions
  • You have also viewed

Improve gradually over time

Understanding how these touchpoints fit within your conversion funnel is vital when optimizing your stores user experience. Though it’s not necessary to cover all of the bases, implementing a few may be the key to increasing your MRR ad scaling your ecommerce business that much more.

Consider this scenario, you have a clothing shop and on each product page you have pre paired outfits that match the product being viewed. The scenario instantly switches from ‘I want that top’ to ‘I want that outfit’! With Frequently Bought Together Bundles your users are upsold on the package deal.

Alternatively, If you allow your users to search using images instead of text, they can easily match a friends outfit using an image, rather than having to describe the look of the item.

Your competition and major brands are optimizing every aspect of the conversion journey so as an Independent retailer you need to offer similar experiences. Thankfully the Simile AI suite is democratizing access to AI and empowering independent businesses with the technology.

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